David Jangraw

SfN 2015 Conference

Next week, I will be presenting my latest work in fMRI at the Society for Neuroscience conference in Chicago. The poster showcases the results of an effort to remove noise from fMRI data from a naturalistic movie paradigm. The results of intra-subject correlation analysis show that our denoising efforts revealed responses that were much more reliable across runs, including many areas that did not look consistent when standard preprocessing techniques were used. To see my abstract, click here, or click below for the full poster. To see it in person at SfN, come by poster #CC69 on Tuesday from 8am-12pm. I’ll be standing by it from 9-10am.



Author: Dave

I am an engineer, neuroscientist, and enthusiastic teacher with particular interests in EEG, eye tracking, brain-computer interfaces, machine learning, and the human visual system.

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