David Jangraw

BCIs and Architecture

Brain Computer Interfaces and Architecture

I have had the exciting opportunity to work with Professors Mark Collins and Toru Hasegawa of the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture as they develop a graduate seminar on the use of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) in the field of architecture.  I have given a talk on wearable BCIs, worked with students on designing neuroscience experiments dealing with visual and spatial reasoning, run a workshop on using eeglab software to analyze EEG data, and watched as students envisioned new and creative applications of neuroscience concepts to the art and science of architecture.  This collaboration even spawned a new project in the LIINC lab on expertise in spatial puzzles.  For more information, see Mark and Toru’s pages:

  • Cloud Lab, the Columbia Lab documenting BCI/Architecture experiments
  • ProxyArch, Mark and Toru’s design firm