David Jangraw

Instrumentation Course

Biomedical Instrumentation and the Cardiac Pacemaker

With a team led by Professor Aaron Kyle, I am developing a new undergraduate course on biomedical instrumentation, or devices that sense from or actuate biomedical tissues.  This creative new course centers around a cardiac pacemaker, leading students through building elements of circuits and software until each group has created a functioning pacemaker that can be applied to real heart tissue from a dissected frog.  We have gathered course materials, obtained funding for the class through a Mathworks Curriculum Development grant, and completed a trial run of the laboratories with six undergraduate students. We incorporated their feedback to improve the labs, and the course was formally offered for the first time in the spring of 2014.  Details of class development can be seen on our class webpage.

summertestrun1 Module4 summertestrun3