David Jangraw

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant, 2010-2012:
Biomedical Engineering Laboratory and Biomedical Senior Design

Columbia’s Biomedical Engineering department has a group of core courses for undergraduates that are designed to expose them to the breadth of research in the field and prepare them for the full scope of an engineering design project.  Two courses that do just that are BME Lab and Senior Design.  As a teaching assistant, I have had the usual experiences of administering and grading exams, but these courses have also provided unique opportunities in teaching and mentoring.  I gave a lecture in digital signal processing in BME Lab, and walked the students through an exercise in recording and analyzing sound using MATLAB.  I have also gained valuable experience in facilitating team-based design projects in Senior Design, helping guide senior undergraduates as they move from research and proof of concept to modeling, design, prototyping and testing.  Here are a few projects from last year:

  • Team Uzima: monitor newborn vital signs just by placing the baby on a piezoresistive mat (Winners of Rice University’s 2011 Global Health Technologies Competition!)
  • Team JaundiCure: jaundice phototherapy device for resource-poor settings (Global Health Technologies Competition Semifinalists!)
  • Team SurgiTherm: patient warming device for preventing hypothermia during surgery
  • Team ImagineLabs: iPad app to teach facial expression recognition to children with autism