David Jangraw

I am an engineer, neuroscientist, and enthusiastic teacher with particular interests in EEG, fMRI, eye tracking, brain-computer interfaces, machine learning, and the human visual system.

  • B.S.E. 2007: Princeton University, Electrical Engineering
  • Gap year: Columbia University, Neuroscience
    • Jacqueline Gottlieb’s primate electrophysiology laboratory
  • M.S.-Ph.D. 2014: Columbia University, Biomedical Engineering
    • Paul Sajda’s Laboratory for Intelligent Imaging and Neural Computing (LIINC)
  • Post-doc: National Institute of Mental Health, NIH
    • Peter Bandettini’s Section on Functional Imaging Methods (SFIM)

The links above will take you to my publications, current research, past projects, and other information. The links at right lead to my code repos and research profiles.

For a CV or more information about my work, please email me at david{dot}jangraw{at}nih{dot}gov.